Gifts- An Ancient Tradition

From the history of New give gifts on this day has for many centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians portrayed the vases to each other with gifts. They were written request: 'Discovery of the year good. " The Persians gave eggs – symbol of fertility and healthy offspring. In ancient Rome, Christmas gifts were purely symbolic – it could be a bunch of grapes or a branch of laurel.

And the Japanese have a long tradition of giving the Daruma doll made of wood or papier-mache. This doll – a reminder of who lived sometime Buddhist monk Bodhid-Carmi (Boda Daruma), who spent 9 years in a cave in a continuous meditation. Having the Daruma doll, a Japanese make a wish and draws her one eye. If the During the year, the desire to celebrate, doll painted the second eye, and if not – the next New Year's Daruma burned at the stake. Gifts from Santa MorozNovogodny gift – it's not just a token loved one. This is a surprise, a small miracle, perhaps even a talisman for the whole next year. Usually New Year's gifts are packaged in beautiful gift box.

Often they are placed under the Christmas tree, although many prefer to deliver personally. Children in the New Year expect gifts from Santa Claus. Many of them even write him a letter with a request to fulfill any desire. For parents, these letters – a good opportunity to find out what exactly they want the baby, and the chance to create for him a miracle setting gift of his dreams under the tree. Wonders for dream about the wonders of not only children but also adults. Special gifts we are waiting for loved ones. And happy to invent themselves, what miracle surprise and please a loved one. So you want to guess the desire to loved ones, find a unique gift that will always remind us. However, to give advice here is useless, because nobody better than us does not know our family and that they need. Gifts for vsehNovy year – a wonderful holiday. New Year's gift not only want to please family and friends. After all, we are surrounded by many people with whom we contact on a daily basis or on a case by case basis. Share the joy over the approaching holiday and want them. This could be a Christmas card, or a beautiful decoration for the Christmas tree, or a symbol of the coming year. New Year's shopping in online magazineK Unfortunately, such a pleasant process as buying gifts in the pre-holiday bustle often proceeds quite differently, as we would like. Crowding, queues, and before our eyes the vanishing range of products in stores. As a result, instead of positive emotions – anger, fatigue, frustration. Save a great Christmas mood and not tired from the pre-holiday rush today may help online retailers of gifts. Nestled in a chair in front of a computer, you can safely, with pleasure to choose Christmas gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues. And if boring to shop alone, can do them in the company, it does not matter, you are near your 'companion' or at the other end of town, or even in another country – talking with the messenger, you can share links to favorite things and share experiences from shopping.