We Are Not Alone

In this way we are not alone. We endorsed that message almost prophetic Peron February 1972. O authors or activists like Brice Lalonde and Schumacher (“He’s small is beautiful”). It was through a chain of good will, catalyzed by the Internet, including mention of Fernando Flores Dweller (who lives in Sweden) and “Pachita” Austerlic (who was exiled in California by the McCarthy-Stalinist who excels in certain coteries scholars from Argentina), I came to Ivan Ilych, through the Coalition For Autolearning venture, which encourages Bill Ellis from Maine, from the group United States. Yahoo Ellis became more diversified access to a flow of information which taking as a natural fact, which would include items such as the media convey to us nowadays. And in all this information, we were in tune, they said in English here were saying things “between the burden of all the coffee,” as stated in the tango. In those days, I am preparing a talk, which I’ve called a goodwill. Volume as a “motto” for my possible exposure, a label coined by Carlos Astrada, by 1964, the second edition of his “Myth Gaucho.” Alli based on the contents of the “return” of “Martin Fierro”, Astrada proposed a “Community gauchocracia.” Taking the tag creative, unorthodox and irreverent, we outline what we want to convey: FOR A COMMUNITY GAUCHOCRACIA: Resisting DESORGANIZADAMENTE.En past, what has been said: “Crisis is opportunity.” Before someone said: “In limited circumstances, is the origin of philosophy.” Go flying the “Think outside the box.” I wonder if Gandhi or Einstein said: Can not resolve problems with the mentality that created them.

“And in the” Back “and above, Jose” rattle “Hernandez” wrote: “Even the thinnest hair / make her shadow on the ground “Well now that we have the concept of” network “and is giving the stage to attack distinct solutions to the” mainstream “media and cultural industries, we have tried to impose. It is time for the “free organization of the people” and “intelligence-intensive.” Follow the example of cardboard with “appropriate technology” to multiply decentralized artistic endeavors such as “Snake Timbal.” Consider that the urban tribes, or rural, form expressions as containing murgas or institutions of public good first grade (“face to face”), to which it has not contaminated the bureaucratization. Our enemies, speaking bureaucracy, are bureaucratic behavior, monopolistic and capricious. Themselves and others. What has befallen on our individual stocks is not resolved with the technologies that created this problem, but with their own cultural and local responses. If governments help best. But you can not expect much from them, because the bureaucracy has been sterilized much of its operational capacity.