Valentin Software Scheduler

Fresh from the Intersolar: Valentin software with PV * SOL basic 6.0 a new practical tool with appealing interface and intelligent inverter design for effective investment planning of photovoltaic systems in the accommodation with PV * SOL basic 6.0 have been quickly put out photovoltaic systems both for beginners and the professional planners, simulate and vividly present. Valentine’s software has adapted the menu and the program features to the current requirements of the solar industry. So, the available since the year’s trade fair Intersolar Europe simulation program calculates the yield and the efficiency of solar installations in Germany for example, taking into account the latest remuneration and consumption arrangements of the renewable energies Act. About the new regional settings feature “country-specific preferences to the tariff model, the unbalanced load and the maximum system voltage can be made, for example, for the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Germany. For the Forecast of private consumption with excess supply editable load profiles are stored.

The calculation of the number of the module can perform with PV * SOL basic 6.0 photorealistic with a digital photo of the House both graphically configurable roof forms. Any arbitrary alignment is possible for elevated installations. New switching features with new features to the design of inverter PV * SOL basic 6.0 is the ideal program to determine a variety of possible connections. It offers automatic inverter connection with sorted results as well as the individual setting of the dimensioning factor. Also inverter with variable connection options of the B input (due to a second MPP Tracker), basic 6.0 can be comfortably designed with PV * SOL and simulated. New is also input allowing the cable length and the cable cross-section for the string -, DC – and AC wires. About PV * SOL basic 6.0 introduced new database format is a useful Favorites management, the Find in table texts, as well as the sorting and filtering components possible.