The Stimuli

This gave the brilliant idea to try it also at work. If you had worked in his private life, why not see what happened in your department? This was probably the best idea of lifetime and it became a millionaire and today probably is one of the most popular products from 3M. It was all a mistake, yes, but also through the mind of the worker who was not content with solving your little problem singing. The serendipity works. But make no mistake, we can not leave everything to chance, to chance. The random part of all this lies in the stimuli. They are the ones who are bombing us continuously throughout the day.

Depends on if they will do more or less successful in our company. The first thing to go is the serendipity we have a goal. That is, it does not matter. If we have a goal we have a network to catch stimuli. People with many interests, such as artists or inventors, have several networks that help them capture many of these stimuli.

So it is not uncommon to hear say things like a curious, it will be worth me for a project with which I now put or a purpose of this telling me, hence I could do this and that . That is, you make much more out of things than others. All thanks to these a mental rehearsals that have been formed. They say that he who seeks finds.