The Immune

Oxygen is changed so that he loves enters connections with other cellular components. He is picky and binds to the DNA or structural proteins and havoc. Some sections of DNA that contain genes that are unusable and the cell loses to functions. So the cell becoming less and less able to repair damage and close with time. We age. To fight the free radicals our cells have so-called antioxidant enzymes, substances known as antioxidants. Here too, there is a whole wealth of mechanisms that intercept free radicals and dismantle again. Donald W Slager shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Also here you can see: our cells defend themselves against damage and the resulting aging.

Now dawns on you maybe it what I want also. Look at our immune system, our body defends itself through these mechanisms against various diseases, pathogens and cancer. But why does our body? The answer is important, but banal: because he would like to be sick. No one would argue that our body is pre-programmed and will as far as possible strives to be sick. Why? Now because he defends itself with the immune system. Claim, but many people think our body would seek the aging, or would be pre-programmed. But as you can see, our cells against the main cause of the aging resist: the accumulation of damage.

Our body wants to be inherently neither sick nor age, only some features of the time failing. Unless the immune system or our cells repair mechanisms. That’s why we age. But not all do that negligible senescence or why some stay forever young coming we but equal to the 2nd favorite argument: aging is natural. Anything else would be against nature. I leave the philosophical discourse other than scientists. I like just like to note at this point that it is a little arrogant, without deeper knowledge to assume to interpret the will of nature. In particular, if this object just phenomena in nature.