The Advice

and the arrancale dessert a piece. Perhaps when fences to half of the dessert already you’ll be satisfied. Good to my me step so after a few weeks, not immediately, even day that played me eat what I wanted I same decidia not eating junk. > < also she said me that body confuse thirst with hunger and it has logic, feels like but your body needs more liquid that solid. Nowadays upon waking I wake my whole body in bed and that makes that I do not feel sleepy, so I charge power and took a glass of plain water, even though I do not moves the water sometimes only took 3 or 4 SIPs, but is that it eliminates all toxins. After breakfast all liquid. I.e.

I prepare a delicious smoothie. Took up a glass of Blender myself, more a glass for you. I always do my Smoothie with what I have in the fridge, strawberries with yogurt and oats, or pineapple with honey and a bit of flavoring of pina colada, Apple with an egg, or simply milk chocolate. Also add ice and cinnamon to serve him. > < this me to helped much by that lower fast, I change my character, I am very healthy, do not leave to eat what I like, there is no rebound, and not angry I eat when I’m at a party or at a restaurant with friends. Oh something very important is that every 2 hours I take liquid at least 2 glasses. That is, water, juice, tea, soft drink occasionally (I recommend the sprite which does not contain as much caffeine) and this makes have no hunger between meals. I like the jamaica water also help to lose weight, prepare it in the coffee maker but instead of putting the coffee in the filter I put the flower of jamaica, the endulso sometimes and sometimes not. When I don’t want to eat fruit I have at home such as kiwi and PEAR, prepare it as fresh water with ice and honey and took me up to 2 vessels. > < desire you look well but above all make you feel wonderful is only the advice of your Edi friend > original author and source of the article.