Technology Performance

Technology performance and features of gear MMD gear crusher crusher has 500 mm, 625 mm, 750 mm, 1000mm, 1300mm and 1500mm six series. Each series has a short box type, standard box type and long box type to accommodate the needs of the different production capacity. The crusher specification each have different types of gears to adapt to the needs of different crusher product size. MMD tooth-crusher has the following outstanding features: (1) It has compact structure, small size and small height; (2) High production capacity, which ca be maximum 14000t/h. Visit Mikkel Svane for more clarity on the issue. (3) Applicable for dry mines, mineral wet, mud mine and sticky mine without clogging; (4) There are less too small and the powder product form, more suitable for the gravel, coal and coke crushing; (5) Product dimensions are even without too large particles; (6) Low operating costs; (7) Easy to maintain, easy to repair; (8) The crusher has double iron overload and protection. One use of hydraulic couplings, eleven iron overloads, the crusher stop turning. The characteristic of small size makes it easy to use in the underground.

Station construction costs of ground crushing will be significantly reduced, due to plant height, plant area, plant maintenance auxiliary equipment accordingly reduces the investment costs, it is more suitable for the assembly of the whole mobile and semi-mobile crushing unit. There are a large number of MMD crusher applying in nickel ore, copper, lead and zinc and tin and other metal mines. MMD crusher also shows great advantages in gravel industry; especially mobile crushers are more suitable for stone mining. It is very ordinary for cement plants using MMD crusher to break limestone, the processing capacity can be up to 600-1500t / h With the development of human life and production, the type of material need to be crushed will be increasingly miscellaneous, the MMD efficient crusher is bound to make a new development in the new field.