The Use Of Cranes

Crane called such a technique, which is a function of the capture and relocation of various luggage of all kinds, scratching him, basically, with hooks. Cargo podtseplyaetsya on these devices through a chain or rope slings. Course of movement of the articles organized worker who is in a special booth. Duty cycle of crane consists of the following components: podtsepka, transportation of cargo and return to its original state. Preimages lifting mechanisms to the XIX century were made of wood and had a manual transmission. Then, key parts, like axles, wheel clamps and began to make out of metal.

Production of cranes, similar to current models, there was a end of XIX century. Its parameters, lifting devices are grouped in the non-turning and pivoting. And the cranes, in turn divided into: tower, gusechnye, rail, road, etc. Common crawler many favorite because it does not require a specially equipped for the work place. Its structure enables it to implement the maneuver with minimal ground pressure and allows for movement with the burden.

Crane vehicles are useful due to their mobility. High rates of movement are allowed to indulge in these mechanisms in areas with a small front work, located in the distance. Mobile cranes used for lifting transportation, loading and unloading of various goods, or for the installation of various structures and equipment. With the advent of recent techniques of construction of facilities has increased the need and the appropriate construction equipment. Distributed and selling cranes domestic production ("Galichanin", "Ulyanovets", "Klintsy", "Ivanovets" and "Chelyabinets" and so on), because the best match of price and quality. Mobile crane "Ivanovets – is equipment manufacturing firms AVTOKRAN. To many of his qualities include such as reliability, hydraulic, utility, accuracy in transactions, etc.