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Productivity you need a feedback in all those obstacles that are presented and that many managers have failed them face, nor much less generate changes, transformations for which this is from and ensure company competitiveness, costs, demand for the products it offers. What are the causes that have made this deteriorating productivity? Certainly, there are external variables and internal which require to be considered and find a way how to deal with them, in this opportunity. We simply quote them, however, we leave record, that this has led to the programme to restructure its curriculum to give way to subjects that contribute knowledge, enabling management to confront them and strengthen others with tools, required models that ensure productivity between external variables without any doubt is the interference of the State through its policies, programs that have affected the economic, political, social, favouring the emergence of a turbulent scenariorisky, uncertain. Internally, some factors include: lack of a proactive, visionary, leadership strategist, participatory that motivate its human resources and committed towards the achievement of the objectives, mission and vision of the company. Absence of a human resource not trained, adapted to the realities of what modern technology demands. A disheartened, insecure, human resource constricted in its creativity, innovation, performance.

Lack of definition of the roles to play according to the characteristics of the current operational processes and organizational behavior. Absence of a proper ergonomics that guarantees satisfaction performance, safety in the performance of the functions to perform. Wages and salaries not keeping with the economic reality of the moment organizational structure not according to the effectiveness of production processes requiring the present. Absence of modern technology, ensuring productivity and quality separation between some functional units such as marketing, production, finance that organizational conflicts, often detrimental in the productivity of the company. Turbulent organizational climate, product of constant conflict occurring at the expense of productivity. Suggestions and conclusions it is emphasized, that management should be evaluated through a SWOT every one of the resources available to the company, i.e. the human, technological, financial, as well as his leadership, systems and administrative functions, structure and organizational culture. As also the actions, plans, programs that allow counteracting the effects of the external contingency variables, especially that of the State, competition must be attentive in the opportunities and threats that the current Government has generated based on new business openings, alliances, ability to penetrate new markets, as well as what socialism will generate in organizational behavior once this establishment in the national territory. Now management must not neglect what the present manifest him in relation to quality and productivity.