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People are very dogmatic thinking has closed and will resist most likely to change than a less dogmatic. _ The dependence if taken to extremes can lead to resistance to change. People who are very dependent on others often lack self-esteem. May resist the change until the people they depend on accept and incorporate it into their behavior. has firm opinions on the matter. It further suggests that people tend to “blame” the resistance to change in the workplace of individual personalities.

Although personality may be a factor, rarely represents the most important dynamic of the situation. Habits: Unless a situation changes dramatically, people may continue to respond to stimuli in their normal forms. A habit becomes a source of satisfaction for people because it allows adjustments to the world and coping, provides comfort and safety. To become a major source of resistance to change depends on whether people perceive change benefits. You may be threats to the power and influence: Some organizations provide for the change as a threat to their power or influence. Once established a position of power people or groups often resist changes that reduce their perceived power and influence. Fear of the unknown: Facing the unknown makes much of troubled people, each major change in a work situation brings an element of uncertainty.

In certain situations the uncertainty occurs not only by the possible change in itself, but also by the potential consequences. To avoid the fear of the unknown and the difficult decisions, some employees refuse to relocate or promotions that require major changes in the duties and responsibilities of employment. Economic reasons: It is logical that individuals who resist changes that could reduce their income. Changes in work routines or tasks set threaten economic security. Employees fear that after changes applied, not play so well and will not be as valuable to the organization, supervisors or coworkers. A good management should be alert to changes how it lead to positive outcomes if you know how to handle, if you really identified with its human resources, know the weaknesses, strengths of this and how opportunities that arise. Must be fully identified as has been the organizational behavior changes when they are generated, when they have been faced.

It should therefore be clear on the effect of organizational culture behavior, as the company has handled the changes, the need to develop new behaviors, values and attitudes through changes in organizational structures and processes, ie to adapt to the company the reality of the operation in the current scenarios. Management should determine the scope impact of empathy to change, in order to promote acceptance, personal commitment in all that you want to change. Hence, it is said, that when employees feel that they manage change are attentive to their concerns, then, will be found willing to collaborate, support, participate and meet and overcome any barriers that may arise in favor of change.