Auto Accomplishment

Maslow (1970, apud GADE, 2003), makes in its Theory of the Motivation, a different boarding: what propulsiona the man is its necessities; so soon a necessity is satisfied, substitutes it to another one. This process is continuous, therefore the human being is highly unsatisfied and possessing of a series of necessities, that if they relate between itself for a hierarchic scale (figure 2). Figure? 2? Pyramid of Maslow Source: Figure 2, above, sample that the necessities human beings is organized in five levels, classified in an importance hierarchy as: 1? Physiological necessities Are primary, essential necessities to the survival, innate and instinctive. They are in the level lowest of the pyramid and demand periodic and cyclical satisfaction. 2? Necessities of Security Are the secondary necessities, rare are satisfied in its fullness, it leads to the one searchs without end of the personal tranquillity and a safe situation. 3? Social necessities the man is a social being, and needs to be always participating of some thing, of associations, clubs, new friendships, acceptance for the friends, interacting the all moment with the way and other people.

4? Necessities of Auto-Esteem Are the necessities of respect, autoconfiana, status, good reputation, recognition. decurrent of the auto evaluation of each individual and so that these necessities appear, excessively they must be reasonable satisfied. 5? Necessities of Auto Accomplishment Are about the raised necessities more, are in the top of the hierarchy, the necessities of growth, include to give to proper outflow ace potentialities, are the desire to fully carry through that of that it is capable. The theory of Maslow is sufficiently simple in its conception, a time that if bases on a list of common necessities to all the people and indicates that a satisfied necessity is not motivadora of behavior, only those not satisfied influences the behavior. The motivation comes from intrinsic necessities to the individual, not being able to be implanted in its interior.