Personal space. AND adult and child should have a corner where you can be alone to think, to dream or to do something. And we have in mind as well the material place (ideally, their own room) and psychological space (the secrets, plans, ideas that nobody wants to talk). Respect for personal space of another (and child and adult) – the basis of trust. In the case of a personal "world" always there is someone, even a loved one – sooner or later the door to the room will want to hang a heavy lock, and soul – to shut away from prying eyes. Flexibility.

I'd like to choose a strategy of education and to follow her. However, any parent will confirm: the child is able to "pop" it is those unexpected situations, to ask just such questions that could not have thought to prepare in advance. One of the most important skills a parent – the ability to be creative to solve different problems flexibly vary their behavior in response to a specific situation. Do not confuse flexibility with the inconsistent behavior: the last throws of the child confused, baby entangled in a double bind ("be active" and "do not make noise," "Do not look for a long time television" and "go away somewhere, my mother wants to relax") and in the end does not know what and whom to trust and which ultimately choose. But if the common system of educational measures, strategies and ideas about "how to" add a little creativity – enjoy life together much increase. Should be clearly understood: the traumatic situation in life you and your child are inevitable, as inevitable ups and downs, fights and reconciliation, bad mood and the joy of communicating with each other. The important thing is how you and your child know how to cope with adversity – go there, "the hole" to suffer alone or trying to help each other. One can be sure that the child feels the love, attention and care, confident that you always can rely on parents, rely on their support in problem situations is to come You, and it will ask you to explain, help and advice – regardless of your marital status or family composition.