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The game of tragamonedas online Super Lucky Frog is a game multi currency based on the local culture but that counts on a turn oriented towards the Japanese Sleeve. This game of tragamonedas counts on 25 lines of payment and 5 roulettes, besides counting on a greater prize, additional turns free, special symbols and even jokers. The value of the currency in this game can be modified with freedom of tragamonedas. Also bets among 1 can be placed and 4 currencies by each one of the existing lines of bet in this game of tragamonedas online and without unloading. This way, the maximum bet that can be realised in the game of tragamonedas Super Lucky Frog is of 4 currencies by each line of bet, whereas the minimum bet is of a currency in a single line of bet. It is possible to stand out nevertheless, that only the gains with the greater prize will be paid, and that the winning combinations must occur of left to right.

Once they occur, it will be enough whereupon the table of payments of the game of tragamonedas is verified to realise the payment of the prizes. Instructions in order To free play the Game of Tragamonedas Online Super Lucky Frog Before beginning to play the game of tragamonedas Super Lucky Frog, the player will be able to choose the number of currencies that the button will place in the different lines of bet having pressed Level of Bet. With each click in this button, the number of currencies placed in each line of bet will be increased. In the same way, the value of the currency to be used in the bets also can be determined by the button " Value of Moneda". This game of tragamonedas also counts on the option of Maxima Bet, that allows the player to begin to play this game of tragamonedas without unloading of automatic way and the maximum level of bet and value of currency predetermined by the player. Once this option is taken and it is begun to play, the bet amount and the gained amount appear in the part inferior of the screen of the game of tragamonedas.

Turns free in the Game of tragamonedas Super Lucky Frog When obtaining at least 3 special symbols in the game of tragamonedas, the players become creditors to turns free, which appear in the part inferior of the screen of the game of tragamonedas and that grants to the player the faculty to him of being able to triple their gains in case wins using them. Rules of the Greater Prize in the Game of Tragamonedas Free Super Lucky Frog, if 3 or more symbols of the Frog they appear in an individual bet during the game of tragamonedas, Finally then the player will be able to accede to the round of the greater prize, in which majors are obtained prizes as bets a higher amount. This a prize is known as progressive and can get to be highest from all the prizes obtained in this game of tragamonedas following much that the player bets. Original author and source of the article.