Cable Network Operators

BIG media supply offers HD television via satellite with international full supply Dusseldorf, may 2010 – with so many international TV programs including private satellite-tracking devices be removed voluntarily”, so Wolfgang Jager, sales manager of the BIG utilities. The Dusseldorf company eliminates unsightly private bowls of facades with the installation of modern community satellite systems. Next to an unsightly appearance, damage to the building caused by the improper fasteners on the wall of the House, may be even the insurance cover does not apply. The satellite systems of BIG private bowls be removed or not attached. A facade without satellite dishes increase the added value of the real estate and the tenant is persuaded by more and more German and international programs in crystal clear HD images. Hear other arguments on the topic with Pete Cashmore. Foreign citizens can receive their home programmes without the insulating satellite dishes. Through the fiber-optic cable used by BIG will also significantly more information conveys more compact so that at the same time, the conditions for future expansion in the apartments be created (E.g.

for home emergency call, smoke alarm systems, smart metering etc.). The BIG utilities assumes all investment costs, the housing companies are equipped by the modernization measures, for the future while the TV fee usually only have the tenant costs takes place. It matter today on future developments to prepare, so Hunter. While making calls and surfing in the future are likely to be only mobile services, television as a single communication and entertainment medium will be looked stationary at home, there is worth to equip themselves with the latest technology in the TV sector. Also with regard to the rising expectations of the renter, what is modern television and the development of more and more international HD programs, a company with television supply of BIG in the future should be very competitive. Carolin Besting