Micro Niche Domains

So you’ve configured your micro niche with the keyword that matches the domain name to be loved by Google and have been fortunate to appear on the first page. But there is a problem you have chosen that word just does not generate enough traffic that you expected and your site is not generating revenue or visitors you expected. This happens many times and is one of the biggest drawbacks of a micro niche. Robotics expert insists that this is the case. Sometimes you calculated the numbers simply do not match what is reality. This is why put all your eggs in one basket in a problematic strategy and why you should make the site more authoritarian with a large amount of content. Such sites depend on a single keyword, so if you focus on more keywords you can provide a better long-term profitability. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The key to success with blogs or websites is the proper investigation of keywords that are easy to position.

The keyword research should be based on long keywords 2-3 words, as well accelerate the positioning of the page, remember to do a keyword research is the key to success in this business. This requires generating a long list of keywords for each article you write must include at least three words of all these, not just one. If this rigorous process is repeated for each item you triple the chances of generating traffic to your site content. The visits will increase exponentially and you will not be disappointed by just focus on a single keyword, not really worth it. The keyword research must go beyond a simple look at the Google tool and verify that the domain has an exact match.