Financial System

And why our system does not educate more competent, more people thinking? It would be logical assume that you can control not only illiterate society (the herd), but also quite civilized people who can think critically. And our system does not educate a society because, in this case need to change the system itself. Smart, literate, educated society that is free from stereotypes and capable of critical thinking will see how vicious, deceitful and unjust this system and try to change it. Deceive an intelligent, capable of thinking of man is always more difficult than the uneducated and poorly versed in the situation. And that is why in our country and all over the world so flourishing entertainment industry, which makes us illiterate and poorly a thinking herd. Replace the zombie box of books and the Internet, do not use drugs or abuse alcohol, develop the talents, sports and art, do not trust the fake religions that make you believe absurdities in, review its system of values in which the financial situation and position is much more important than anything else, to raise their children so that they do not want to become bankers and tycoons, and the Olympic champion and the greatest scientists in various fields of science, but do not let your life for themselves and their children in poverty and hunger, nurture patriotism in themselves and their children. The system of values In order to understand the main thing in life is not a financial situation that makes this life more comfortable, and human development in all senses and directions, it is necessary to revise the system of values. . Check with Pete Cashmore to learn more.