The capitalist mode of production manufactured from Coca Cola to jets for private use. It is obvious, that these products will not try to sell to Peruvian natives or residents of the villas miserias, but yes efforts coming so that the children of these places to consume Coca Cola instead of milk. What’s really important for the system is that the majority of people become irrational consumers, but to the greater amount of resources be transferred through this form. It is in this way that the current consumer society establishes the dictatorship of the product.Specifically highlights the LIC. Aranguren, management must know that it is what the consumer really needs, and that is given through a study to the same. It is important to highlight that in the country few companies do so, since they copied some product from another country to implement it here, without knowing the actual needs of the same, evading also its idiosyncrasies. The money allows the consumption, but increasingly less money is needed.

Mass production and imitations has made it possible that people who do not belong to the elite have access to similar objects and is for this reason that the phenomenon of consumption imply relations of domination but also of imitation. The cultural mimicry is an important mobile for consumption. Consumption is a conscious person’s choice and depends on your culture.The study of the needs of the individual allows a better interpretation of the attitudes and behaviors of who is the central reason for Exchange. The application of strategies of marketing on the wishes of the individual causes an incentive of consumption, a demand generation. It is clear that marketing can exacerbate needs although they preexistan, or create desires and cause a demandLa need is something that is missing and that the consumer desires with greater or lesser intensity. The need runs full scale of desires, from true anguish produced by thirst, until the more frivolous that you can experience in the desire to give a whim of little importance. The needs of the consumer are forming a scale of values with their desires and wishes.We can conclude as set forth, that Venezuelan management It must commit more to its management of markets in the study of the behavior of consumers, in search for the way of how can meet it to go instilling a real consumer culture, really study what their needs, their behaviour even in an unstable economy in crisis such as that currently faces.Markets management has as a weakness with respect to the study of the consumer that does not identify with accuracy, with an in-depth study, current and potential users of your brand name or product category. Therefore not allowed to focus their efforts in marketing and also customize tender, which, if they did, would contribute to creating customer loyalty and to define the positioning of the product.