United Nations

Manifestations of the Algeria and the Front of the Polisrio to deviate the attention In relation to the insignificant paper of Algeria in the process of negotiations, the ambassador lamented that Algeria and the Polisrio Front continues to oppose the peace climate, in view of revitalizing the boardings that the Organization of United Nations waits to decide the problem and its inaplicabilidade. As well as it he had lamented such strategy, since the presentation of the Moroccan initiative, that makes of everything to deviate the attention of the international community and the efforts of the Nations Joined that they aim at to search a solution politics, definitive realist and. Standing out that the many manufactured allegations to hide the real trends of the determined ones, citing ' ' great reforms undertaken for Morocco, under the leadership of sobernao of Morocco, in order to strengthen the Rule of law and the promotion of the rights humanos' '. The Moroccan diplomat together ace United Nations remembered she withdraws that it of ' ' Algeria and Polisario of the autonomy initiative, even before the debate, sample that the atratvel alliance is count to the character model standard and of the regional democratic management, as well as of the efficient governana and territorial' ' , Remembering that it is not surprising, therefore, to be considered a mere expression of Mustafa Salama, the former-policeman of the polisario front in favor of a campaign in the fields of Tindouf. Deafiando the Algerian leaders of the polisrio and military without being late to threaten it and dpois to kidnap it, when it intends to come back to visit its family in the fields of Tindouf, Southeast of Algeria. Although the announcement of the release of Mustafa Salama for Algeria does not exempt it of its responsibility of protection, until if joining its family and guaranteeing it its liberty of speech and movement.