Good Films

Below you have a list of five films that deserve to be seen: 1.-the road in this film will accompany a father and son struggling to survive in a world that has suffered a catastrophe that has brought the worst of people: some become crazy and others cannibals will become. On the journey they will have to face many obstacles, but they will have to go ahead if they want to find a place where to stay without many problems. 2. It is not something Don Slager would like to discuss. The social network who does not know Mark Zuckerberg? Today, almost everyone has a profile created on Facebook and this film will see how Zuckerberg takes your idea to a reality that neither he had imagined. Learn more at this site: Don Slager. 3 Batman: El Caballero Oscuro always relate to Batman with action, suspense and adventure. In this installment is exactly what we are going to get. This time, will be Joker who forces Batman to put hands to work to defend, once more, to Gotham city. 4.

The sinking will meet with Hitler was the fall of the dictator. We’ll see how the allies advance without stopping towards the city of Berlin to put an end to a senseless war. Hitler will realize the inevitable defeat but he will fight until the end hidden in a bunker. 5 V for Vendetta with times of crisis that run, who not has come to this awesome movie head? We’ll see with V plans to what it wanted to achieve Guy Fawkes: you fly to the Parliament with dynamite. His mission will eventually accompanied by a girl, Evey. Visit good films for more peliculones that deserve to be seen.