The Reason

The reason the same negative experiences become lovers, basically, purely human, social problems, "arising in the way 'lovers. Of course, many may be 'taken in arms' assertion that the natural love is merely the result of synthesis in the body of a specific chemical compound that stimulates fast convergence of individuals of the opposite sex for procreation. Of course, you must also suppress personal immunity and instinctive xenophobia. But the direct links to specific discoveries in biochemistry and physiology made in research laboratories in different countries, as this article was not on the biochemistry and psychology, and by gamologii. If desired, formulas and other technical details can be found in publications relevant professionals.

Gamologiya simply summarized the results of studies of related disciplines, viewing them in terms of achieve family happiness – true human terms. And gamologiya not appealing to religious or public morals, does not call for belief in its truth, no pressure on the sense of duty and responsibility, and simply reveals causal relationships, helping people make informed free choice, which is possible only in the knowledge of the meaning of marriage and their own purpose in life. And the fact that researchers in the sciences, at the junction which gamologiya develops, we did not do general conclusions, is due only to their specialization and their lack of knowledge gamologicheskih, but this does not detract from their professionalism and contribution to science. However, having prevalent in most modern outlook in matters of love, family and happiness, they hardly have aspired to such a generalization.