Internet Agency

Auction software with new extensions if the camps are full, but the usual distribution channels give hardly any improvement, then an alternative sales channel can provide may be more sales: auctions via the Internet can open new markets. With the comfortable Internet auction software auction: NG is safely possible its own auction platform. The Oberursel full service Internet Agency onSite internet services has with auction: NG brought an auction program on the market, that leaves little to be desired: the normal auction, job, or reverse auction in the classified ads format, or even penny auctions; the PHP5 / ZEND-based software for the own online auction platform can appear even larger auction programs structured and safe. In the last few weeks has auction: NG received numerous new functions. Options in the frontend – for buyers/sellers – in the registry there are extended user-fields: the fields are now “City” and “Address” lush 150 characters long. -When the buyout total price and shipping costs be adjusted already when entering the number automatically. -Natural sorting of pictures: the pictures on the article page are sorted now “of course” (1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 100…) instead of “alpha-numeric” (1, 10, 100, 2, 20, 3…), as unfortunately often neglected.

-The representation of the image gallery on the article page was in regard to mobile devices / tablets optimized. -Set article: a customer sets new article, that is re list automatically set to counter “0” (applies to auctions of amounts of). -When finished articles, where the minimum price has not been reached, get “no winner and reserve price not reached an additional E-Mail buyers and sellers!” – to contact the provider to take on, a dialog box opens directly on the article page. Thus, also the request is sent. -A fly-out menu with MouseOver added in terms of category: open if the mouse pointer is over the categories, on the side of the subcategories.