The Comments In A Blog

Unlike Web 1.0 that were static HTML pages that could be updated only by their owners with some frequency, Web 2.0 aims to promote collaboration and the exchange of information between users of a community or social network and one of the representatives highlighted in the application of this technology is the Blog or also known as logbook. Both blogs and some other social networking sites, enable the authors expose contents of your own creation and at the same time sharing their opinion about what others write, blogs have become popular sites and their degree of acceptance and use is increasing every day, but that did that these sites are so interestingfunny or popular? In my opinion the ability to place comments that in many cases, can be placed even without having any record of means. Without comment, a blog is not a blog this is a phrase I read recently in el blog de Enrique Dans and I totally agree with her. When a visitor you decide to participate in reviewing or contributing any idea or suggestion is highly appreciated; well honestly bloggers must recognize that you often receive very valuable and sometimes notes more interesting than their own; their views, ideas or suggestions become a renewed flow of ideas, inspiration for other articles, to realise the need to make some corrections, links are created and there are reactions that are extremely useful to enrich our work. Dear reader, with this note I intend to invite all Internet users to use the comments space that appears on blogs, but mainly, I wish to thank all those who have ever participated or who do so regularly, my intension is to make a sincere recognition in everything vale to their collaboration, because with it we provide a renewed motivation to follow later in the quest for continuous improvement.