Lighting and Decorating

To any room, especially small, was really attractive, practical and welcoming, you need to wisely use every inch of the room and create a maximum of light is constant. Professionally selected furniture concise window decoration, good lighting and a harmonious color palette will help make it a place of your pastime. Before you start thinking about furniture, you must determine what is your room. To relax in an armchair, or to receive any friends? There are fun kids or relaxing pets? Do you need to make room for a computer verstakaili sewing machine, or, require special racks for, say, musical instrument or a collection? All these observations should be taken into account by implementing finishing room. But even with a few permutations you will be able to add in the living space.

For example, door, which hits on the couch every time it opens, simply outweigh the other side, changed to a sliding or eliminated altogether. There are floor heating systems that do not occupy space in the living room. Fireplace, which nobody ever uses it, you can close or move to an additional case – the result is a more useful wall. If the radiator is along the wall where it would be good establish a cabinet, it is better to move the battery. Thus, the possibility of the premises, come to work on the project, complementing its architecture and design, in which all the main parts are working harmoniously, creating a joyful, comfortable and spacious living room, where you excellent feel.