Diamond Drilling

When repairs or construction is often necessary breakthroughs in the main walls. Swarmed by offers, Mashable is currently assessing future choices. At present it is possible to do drills, , sledgehammer, or the more modern ways: diamond cutting discs, cable cutting, drilling concrete kernosverlilnymi installations. Each of the past modes of production work has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The use of drills, baffles in the most cases is unacceptable, because of the number of impermissible factors. If their application is the destruction of a building material with the formation of cracks, resulting in denudation of fittings and, accordingly, to reduce bearing properties of structures, and made holes and openings need to be processed. Methods such as diamond, cable cutting, are highly productive and practical technologies. But application of these technologies are not always acceptable for several reasons.

Cutting wall saws has limitations that directly depend on the diameter of the saw blade, thereby, cutting the massive construction of large thickness is not possible. In such cases, wire saws, which guarantees the use of sawing the materials of almost any thickness. For cable systems require three-phase voltage supply, running water and enough space for work that is not always feasible. In this situation applies diamond drilling concrete. Application kernosverlilnogo equipment allows openings in building structures of concrete, brick, concrete. In the manufacture of aperture is marked path over which the 'otsverlivanie' diamond cutters of 200 mm diameter.

Drilling produces diamond drill bits with a specially selected diamond segments (depending on material). The standard length of diamond drill bits is 40 cm in a large wall thickness, in addition to the diamond crowns used extenders. After the execution of works, otsverlenny array to be destroyed using Hydraulic machinery – concrete breakers, for lifting parts for recycling. The use of such technologies as diamond drilling, allows for openings of various geometric shapes: round, oval, rectangular. The technology has been successfully used for the manufacture of openings in the ceiling. It should be strict adherence to safety standards. Before drilling, removable piece of construction should be carefully secured with the use of special devices and mechanisms, or cranes.