If you to live in the same city of its ancestral ones, do not advise to invent very on its grandmothers or greats-grandmother, old inhabitants of the place know its antecedents and will be able easily desmentiz it. She prevents to allege to descend of great noblemen or kings, this not glue more. I know a celebrity genealogista who alleged to descend of D. Dinis of Portugal, a more serious researcher discovered that really it the same had a Portuguese family with last name and that loving its descended of D. Dinis and a peasant.

As only legitimate children they inherit nobility headings, it she had that to swallow carapua of liar and the shame of this possible origin. Although everything, genealogy is an amused and interesting pastime. If to publish its discoveries prevents to give heard the rumors, generally they is true, but you do not go to want to envergonhar its family, the objective of the genealogy is to raise auto-esteem. It asks to its relatives the name and last name of its grandmothers, greats-grandmother and great-great-grandfathers, in documents of its parents and grandmothers will be able to find these data. Which age the profession, where they had lived and if some of them had traditional origin. Stories of family are valuable. Prominence facts that tell to the wealth or valentia of them and they involve that them with famous and important people. If some ancestral distant one does not have known father, and oldest they believe that he is son of some figuro of the past, looks for to divulge as if he was legitimate child, thus will enrich its tree. It was common to place the name of the grandmothers in some grandson, if not to know the name of somebody of the tree will be able to use this criterion for fills it. It uses indications to discover the past, will be distant data of somebody little known, hardly you will be contradicted, the advantage of speaking on the past is that if it is not possible to prove that the facts had occurred in that way, so little is possible to prove that it did not happen.