Transfer Protocol

One of the most interesting ways to use a blog is, through comments, allowing it to function as a discussion forum for customers of your products or services. In this case, the administrator can give the publishing rights to others visitors and customers, and their opinions may or not be reviewed before they are published on the website. In such a way that customers can send favorable comments on the web site offerings. Some blogs are created in such a way that only the owner or the owner and some other people have the publishing rights, but nobody else can add comments to entries. Blogs when used along with marketing bulletins presented great opportunities: * articles in newsletters can be linked to a blog, and with the creation of a massive conversation we prolong the life of the article.

** You can offer a bidirectional Forum to their customers to obtain the personal opinions about their products and services. * From the blog, you can position itself as an expert in your area, cancel your competition and attract customers based on Exchange of information and thoughts. ** The beauty of this game is that you can provide your blog with edit controls. How to create a blog? The majority of blogs are created with software or services specifically designed for this purpose. Some of the software for the ceracion of blog are free and some of the organizations that offer programs of blog also provide a free server space for the blog is accessible to the public via the Internet. There are also free commercial versions of some of the software; These commercial versions often provide more features. Some programs software for the creation of blogs are only available as commercial software.

Alternatively, the Blogger can create and maintain your blog using the free software, using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to load the blog on your own website, or a blog of free service. There are many programs available on Internet blogs. One of the most popular weblogger is Blogger which can be downloaded free of charge at. The majority of the webloggers simplify the process of creating web pages. However, basic knowledge of FTP, require some technical terms and web structures. In addition, the creation of an advanced blog requires knowledge of HTML. So to get out there and start creating your own blog is free, easy and you can work seamlessly with the rest of your web site or newsletter.