And as usual, while I collected my gear, Mishan managed to make a throw. From the very first time – a hike hitch: as they say nor there, nor here. Slowly I put my spinning, in order to help him somehow razrulit situation, and about a mother how much light is. And suddenly jerked toe. Bear nesuetlivo, without haste (proved by experience seasoned fisherman) begins to someone vyvadivat – I connect podsakom assist. And from the first times (that's what it is energized the team) we start this "hook" in podsak. In the end, Mike pulls out podsaka and eprst!! Pike aphids!! Yes, three more kila! Yes we are the fish of this size before with current pictures, and then saw from afar, and here in you! In short indeed pike. Sergei then smoked for about ten minutes, and in the process of catching every five minutes checking the iron cage, has not left a trophy back to back home, whether it is convenient for him there, do not interfere with any other fish.

In the warm avgustrovskoe morning, one might say, the rest on the Volga, we can say was a success – we have more pieces ryat decent bass, and a good asp. Then the wind blew, and the weather was a little change. Satisfied, we returned to our wooden hut at the base, where a long time afterwards exchanged impressions with the chef, who has given us a great catch from our dinner at a good Russian vodka. Afternoon we spent at the base, where happy "Cut" in the pool and went to bathe in a pre-heated sauna. Venichka oak, steam is hot, the beer is cold, the fish are biting, the company is excellent – what else is needed for normal recreational fisherman? Nothing in my opinion … The second day began with that nature has decided to reform and has awarded us a great sunny day and a complete lack of wind.

After discussing the beauty of local nature, we drank coffee and quickly rushed to have a different route because our goal was not just catch predatory fish by conventional methods, but also try their luck at spearfishing, which we previously held only a couple of times in my life. However, this is another story, well, about spearfishing. I'll tell you only that the road to a new location, we met a local hunter – Petrovic, who recommended a great place to catch carp and he kindly agreed to show the place on the peals of the Main Bank Petrovich had already before the there to catch a few carp and many dvuhkilogrammovyh rudd. We lit up with joy and also decided to try his luck. At first, everything went fairly sluggish: rudd, of course bite, but copies were not the same, but after noon, the situation changed radically when we were ready to collapse the pole and start spearfishing. The thing is that a couple of fishing rods we have "tuned" to the transition zone – between the herbaceous vegetation in shallow water and pit with a sharp transition depth and this is where it all started! Carp took a stable and well and in a couple of hours we just gone crazy on a fishing boat for the whole floor was strewn with instances of decent fish. On Krasnoperov we do ceased to respond and, holding his heart in full, we began to gather at the base. Yes, now and not ashamed to go home. In general, many thanks to Mother Volga for a great vacation! Prepared according to the site