This Tower

When the man, who wants to be, established a close relationship with the creator, acquires specific characteristics of it that can lead it to great achievements. Gideon sets a striking example when it pursued Zebah and Zalmunna, Kings of Midian. The army of Midianites had 15,000 men and of Gideon just 300. The proportion was 50 to 1; something which, in mathematical statistics and military strategy, tells us that the disadvantages of a confrontation are huge and virtually impossible. Such was Gideon trust in God who had no qualms in following one army 50 times greater than hers, but did so and won capturing the Kings of Midian, who persecuted.

However, this was only a peanuts compared with what had been done previously, to lay siege to the camp of the same army, who, frightened and confused, surprised at dawn, is killed a few hundred and twenty thousand men that drew sword. The premise had been to follow the instructions of God. They were the same 300, under the command of Gideon, who made this feat, with God’s help. No army of 300 men can beat an army of 135,000 soldiers, not without the help of God. When God puts his powerful hand in any endeavor that wants to make the man, to achieve a goal, there is nothing and no one that can resist him. Gideon, while persegia the Kings of Midian and the army that remained; It passed over Penuel and was rebuffed by their rulers who threatened by saying:.When I return in peace, I derribare this tower.

Judges 8:9b. Those of Peniel refused to feed the army of Gideon and, with the confidence that God gave him, knew for certain that he would overcome his enemies and would return as a winner, collecting his steps and is for this reason that, with all the confidence in the world, could say what he would do upon his return and fulfilled it. Button the tower which had said that it botaria and killed all the of the city of Penuel. The issue in these times is to ask: what I do? Is God according to my plans? Are my plans God’s plans? Who benefits most my plans? The world suffers from many problems and each of which is larger than the other. In many, there is not even an identification of the same viso and despite this, people only try to solve their own existential problem, not you realizing that, to love our neighbor as ourselves, it would benefit everyone equally and we us, truly, in a brave new world. But that is not the reality. The biggest human problem is sin and his cause the Earth has already been sentenced to their destruction. God knows very well that evil will prevail in this world and that is why it has been determined that everything is destroyed by fire. The problem of Sin will not end with the world because sinners will be condemned for eternity unless they repent. Original author and source of the article