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One day the Buddha was walking calmly, Devadatta, at your pace, threw you a heavy rock from the top of a hill, with the intention of ending with his life. However, the rock only fell next to the Buddha and Devadatta could not achieve its goal. The Buddha gave account of what happened remained impassive, without losing the smile of the lips. Days later, the Buddha crossed with his cousin and greeted him affectionately. Very surprised, Devadatta asked:-do you aren’t angry, Lord? -No, of course that does not. Without leaving his astonishment, inquired:-why? And the Buddha said:-because you’re already that threw the rock, or I am already that was there when I was thrown. ** The Maestro says: for he who knows see, everything is transitional: for who knows love, everything is forgivable.

Taken from classic tales of the India compiled by Ramiro Calle EL APRENDIZ INDESEABLE – do not have doors in our monastery commented Shantih visitors.- and what happens with inappropriate people, who come to disturb the peace of the place?-we ignore them, and just walking out.-anything else? And that gives results?Shantih did not respond. Some insisted the visitor more times. Seeing that I got no response, he decided to leave.You’ve seen as Yes that works?, said Shantih, smiling. Paolo Coelho La integrity says, that certain day went out to stroll together science, fortune, resignation and walked the Integridad.Mientras said the ciencia:amigo mine, could be the case that we separaramos us to each other and it would be good to determine a place where we could find us again.To me, can I always find in the library of the Sage Dr. X, who, as you know, always accompanied.In how I expressed Fortune me ye shall find at home in this millionaire whose Palace is at the center of the city.Resignation said by your parte:a me you can find me in the poor and sad Cot that good fellow who so often I see and which has suffered so much in the vida.Como integrity was quiet, her classmates asked him: and unto thee, where can you find?Integrity, lowering the head, sadly replied:-to me, who once I lost ever again find myself.Who loses his integrity and honesty has lost everything. Anonymous original author and source of the article.