Swiss Technology

New scales technology works with vendor-independent software, promises cost-cutting and opens new fields of application Balingen/Luzern 25 March 2010. The technology manufacturer Bizerba 4,500 multimedia scales installed in the offices of the largest Swiss retailer of Migros and heralding a new era of weighing technology. The POS software Visual store of the IBM subsidiary company S3 is used as an application scales. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Viacom. This decoupling of hardware represents a paradigm shift in the retail software, operating system and drivers. Already in 2005, Migros laid over to replace its entire weighing technology with a completely new, consistent and future-proof solution.

Migros worked up to date in its approximately 1,600 stores with 42 different kinds of this balance by several manufacturers. The complexity of various manufacturers with their respective own software platforms was enormous. The development and operating costs were correspondingly high. The scales were the second largest investment and cost according to the POS system in the stores Dar. Migros the aim, to reduce this high operational and development with the conversion priority. Our goal was to include the scale just like a PC or laptop in IT\”explains Hans Schwarz, head of Informatics, Genossenschaft Migros Lucerne. A solution that meets the unknown needs of the future with appropriate flexibility was important for him.\” Only the most advanced weighing technology by Bizerba could meet these requirements.

Bizerba provides state of the art open system, PC-based scales as well as matching software in open standards for retail. The open system allows us to think about strategies in options and allows flexibility in unprecedented scale\”as black. Savings potential compared to the previous weighing he sees in the double-digit percentage range, because to the investment and operating costs had significantly dropped one, on the other hand, the new scales technology opens up perspectives for more value added at the point of sale. The opening of the Scale manufacturer was an overdue step for open software.