Seminar “Software Architecture”

“Further training provided by the Fraunhofer Academy in October under the roof of the Fraunhofer Academy offers the Fraunhofer Institute for experimental software engineering IESE in Kaiserslautern in the fall again the seminar software architecture” for software developers, and IT decision makers. Architectures are the key to success in the development and in the development of software systems. Define plans on properties, characteristics and structures of the software. Effectively used software architectures allow predictions to what extent functional and quality requirements can be achieved. In addition, developers can plan the implementation and the progress control, which facilitates the compliance with the cost and schedule management. Using architectures, software systems are expandable and adaptable to changes.

The development and use of software architectures is a process that extends over the entire lifetime of a system. In the seminar provide experienced speakers, where and how they are used architectures and with which tools are Improvements be achieved. While the practical application of the learned and the exchange of playing a supporting role with the experts. The three-day on-site training to deepen the knowledge may be extended to two days. After the seminar, attendees will be able to insert architectures in their company and pragmatically to use dovetail architectures with other activities of software engineering, to assess technological trends and hypes are. Already in April, the seminar at the Fraunhofer IESE has been offered.

“About the resonance Dr. Roman showed the Fraunhofer Academy pleased gods, Director: the participants rated the seminar thoroughly positive and praised in particular the successful alternation between theory and exercises in addition to credible conveying of the content”, so Dr. gods. In-depth discussions between seminar leaders and participants of from diverse industries showed interesting perspectives about the seminar content. These are the dates for the seminar of software architecture: 08.10 10th of October 2012 (optional 11 + 12.10.2012) 15.04 17.04.2013 (optional 18 + 19.04.