Professional Service Goes Social:

“System-home-Dresden GmbH launches new blog for IT service management Dresden, 5 June 2013 the SHD-system-home Dresden GmbH specialized in IT services is with her new professional service blog” went online. With the move in the social media, the SHD want to open not only the communication of employees outward. At the same time to promote the exchange of knowledge within the company and improved cooperation in the project teams. This culture of open communication in the area of professional services”enables SHD employees a greater involvement in the decisions of the Executive Board. With the blog posts, which are subject to no restrictions, the in-house editors manage active knowledge single-handedly responsible.

The blog became parallel also for the area of professional services”set up a new Web page: potential customers details under to proceed, specific use cases and to the portfolio of services in IT service management. The Activities in the social Web to be linked in the future even more with the business processes of the SHD: going to Facebook and Twitter is currently in preparation. Blog link: link website: of the professional service blog of SHD ( deals with the design of IT processes and the requirements of appropriate IT services. In addition to General issues of process design, contributions in the fields of e-commerce, mobile device management, data security, communication and collaboration, security, BPM and portals are planned. The blog will include both economic, organizational, but also pure technical posts.

Every employee of the SHD can participate actively active involvement of employees in the blog. While the system-home-Dresden GmbH has chosen deliberately, to carry no restrictions or upstream controls for blog posts, because the trust to its own employees is very high and the process of knowledge exchange encouraged, but not directed to. “Every day we read about cloud”or big data”, but actually watch these and other trends to our challenges?” asks Dr. Falk Ambos, Managing Director of the SHD. ” The new professional service blog will be one-way communication with journalists, customers, and partners, who are asking such questions. In addition, we encourage an active and open communication culture and more actively involve our employees in our decision processes: no one sit on his knowledge. “On the contrary: sharing our expertise with the readers of the blog will be yet self-evident”, so Ambos next. About the SHD, the SHD offers IT solutions, such as basic infrastructure, storage, security, system monitoring, network documentation and business process management, as well as managed storage services (private cloud computing). The systems house advises according to market requirements, develops solution concepts and willing converts. In the SHD assumes complete responsibility for the IT structures of its customers. The SHD was founded in 1990 by Dr. Falk Ambos and Dr. Frank Karow in Dresden. With approximately 100 employees, the company at the sites of Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Schwarze Pumpe serves large and medium-sized customers, such as the Berlin City cleaning company, the Publisher of Der Tagesspiegel”or the Glashutter watch operating GmbH. For more information see.