Production System

I. INTRODUCTION Requisite of quality and functionality had left of being the only attributes in a product. They had added diversividade, update, possibility to add functionalities, and others. Requirements that each more agile time sends to a production system, flexible and efficient. In 3 and 12 defines of the requirements of manufactures of the future, that points stops: capacity of dynamic interaction; cooperation between the companies; the heterognio hardware; escalabilidade; agility; tolerance the imperfection and recovery of it. Throughout the years the manufacture systems had searched the production and now they are come across with these new requirements. Perhaps this is the point of the paradigm change, of a system where the controller of the process was projected to maximize production, a focado system to make use services, efficient, agile and flexible, maximizing the diversividade. This study the service in applications of automation of processes evaluates the potentialities of the use of guided architectures of it manufactures, where if it searchs to get architectures that are easily reconfigured, allowing a fast adaptation of the productive processes for attendance of new requirements of market.