Production Best Practices

Often heard about the necessary process landscape is unclear the production management today to the uncontradicted evidence, potentials to tangible and sustainable increase of efficiency in production management in the processes can be found. Their importance was not always in the focus of attention in the past, to the company by the optimization of the production machines promised special performance effects and therefore the focus was put on the technical systems. Meanwhile, modern production machines offer only limited increases in efficiency, while a process optimization leads to high double-digit increases in productivity and in the market-relevant performance factors. However is often unclear in practice of production management, the necessary process landscape should look like”problematizes Werner Felten, Managing Director of the FELTEN group. Basically had to answer two central questions, above average to the path of one high quality and productivity level: How accurate is the process landscape to the actual needs and on what experience can draw the concrete process design? FELTEN has developed practice method best for this, which therefore carries its name because it is based on processes with proven success in a variety of renowned companies with German and international production sites. Based on extensive industry expertise, ensures a quick ROI, and extends over three phases: 1.

best practice modeling: it is in this phase conceptual a process design for production management developed, underlying principles which have repeatedly proven themselves in the concrete practice of successful operating companies. This modeling is completely product-neutral, regardless of possible software solutions for production control. Instead, the focus is the wide range of industry-specific best practice skills by FELTEN only on, to take advantage of the optimum design of the process landscape. 2. Customer-specific process modeling: that developed best practices description in the next step the company needs transmitted. This step also is limited to the procedural conditions for sustainable optimization of production conditions.

This custom modeling takes place – also using experience best practices – formulated URS (user requirements specification), which can also be used for invitations to tender. 3. Transfer of the process model in a solution: only in this phase, products for the production management important gain because the developed process structures must of course be made in a software solution. FELTEN offers differentiated the company at this point in its own products, because they have taken a variety of procedural best practices through preferences in their modules and cause therefore significant cost savings in the implementation of projects can. Due to the modular design, the unit can be used to the product modules adapted to the given processes and individual particularities into account.