Process Optimization

Preparation of CAD drawings of elevators and escalators in the change many companies strive to optimize their own processes and search for solutions to be able to create CAD drawings for elevators and escalators even faster and easier. Especially changes to the selling process elevator and escalator manufacturer are a reason for the change. Scale drawings are created today not only upon receipt of the order, but are part of the entire sales process. Usually the drawings are provided at first customer requests and offers by default. To request, for lifts and escalators to quickly and simply create quote or order drawings the DigiPara GmbH offers various CAD software products. With products such as lift designers or Escalatordesigner, salespeople by elevator companies in the location are already selling early drawings quickly and easily to create, without having to take the drawing Department claim. Just larger companies the more than Make 250 lifts per year go even one step further and accelerate the processes in the order processing through full automation of drawing. The advantage: The sales can respond by integrating systems with SAP or other ERP even faster.

At the same time, the drawing is standardized, so that drawing errors are reduced. After the four largest manufacturers in the field of elevators and escalators (Kone, Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp), the middle class is increasingly and automated its subscription process. Another trend for CAD drawings is the rising demand for 3D models. Builders and architects want to plan more and more 3D models of lifts in their buildings and represent. With 3D, often called STEP models delivered programs by the elevator companies to the architects. Companies here still 2-dimensional working these requests are no longer can operate in the future. Specially designed for the architecture software Autodesk Revit the DigiPara GmbH therefore recently Elevatorarchitect developed. The plug ins standardized not only the drawing process, it allows architects especially quick and easy to create 3D models of lift.

Many elevator companies put more and more 3D programs such as Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks a easier and faster to create manufacturing drawings. To optimize the drawing process in the production of elevator companies and to accelerate the DigiPara GmbH is currently working on a software solution for Autodesk Inventor. With this, designers will be to be able to create complete models of lift and installation drawings efficiently into Autodesk Inventor. Integration with other 3D CAD systems is here already.