Preliminary Review

Genre: Action Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 and pc Release date: Third quarter 2009 Those of you who had a chance to play in the first part of the Just Cause certainly no enthusiasm would react to the news about the upcoming sequel. But do not rush to draw conclusions at this time developers have tried to fix everything that was not done earlier. Let's start from the beginning. The protagonist of Just Cause 2, Rico Rodriguez, a cia agent who went to the well-earned break, which, though not permanently delayed. His boss pocketed public money and got away on the tropical island of Pana, located somewhere between New Zealand and , where he took refuge under the protection of Gdask dictator. Rico, a long time without thinking, went to restore justice. Island Pana will be some mixture of climatic zones – here you hot and tropical, and mountain snow-capped peaks, and dry, sandy desert. Each zone will comply with the unpredictable weather conditions.

One of the problems predecessor, Just Cause 2 was that the movement to its huge expanses of it was really tedious. And then the developers have provided to our attention completely free system of movement. What is it? The arsenal Rico has a parachute and a harpoon with a rope. Shoot a harpoon at any height of the point (beam bridges, poles, etc.) be pulled up on it and tear. As a result, a player going into free-fall mode can open a parachute and plan on it for quite a long distance. You can jump from anywhere – from a bridge, a cliff, with mountain peaks. Number of parachutes indefinitely. Can drop them during the flight going into free-fall mode, and then again its opening.

Now, travel around the island will be no less fun pastime than doing assignments, of which, as stated by the developers in Just Cause 2 will not be enough. According to them, we can expect a hurricane of events. The main currency on the island would be "chaos", it provides for the destruction of everything that gets in your way. In addition, introducing chaos you earn a reputation and thus open new mission. Earned money can be spent on acquisition weapons and vehicles on the black market. Artificial intelligence in the first game was to put it mildly, and no enemies were very predictable. Just Cause 2 promises to provide the ai is much superior to what it was before. Opponents will now hide, run, sit and chase. The game is scheduled in the 3 rd quarter of 2009 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC