Positioning Web For Networks

How the Social Networks Can Favor the Positioning Web For a time to this Google part has been considering some social indicators like positioning factor Web. The repercussion of a Web site in the social networks definitively is registered by Google and comprises of the algorithm that will determine the positioning. For this reason, there are some actions that we can realise with the intention of improving our social profile for this motor of searches. It participates in the social networks. It seems a truth of perogrullo, but to comprise of Twitter or Facebook is much more that to postear links.

It creates a true interaction with its contacts and it would take that it to that the others share their connections. It looks for to be connected by representative actors. The amount of followers is important at the time of choosing that would have to mention it. If somebody with to 1,000 mentions it contacts, will be valuable much more that if hardly does somebody with 10 or 20. It creates a page of Facebook. Considrela its mass media with all those that subscribe clicando in " me gusta" , to know his newness, and last launchings.

At a second moment at which it has obtained an interesting number of followers considers in the inclusion of other elements that can help to maintain the fidelity of their subscribers (applications, games, unloading, exclusive content). Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. It participates in the forums and communities of his niche. Websites remembers to create a complete profile in each one of in which it participates, and does not forget to include in the same its user of Twitter. In many aspects this vestibule is as effective mass media as an email. Therefore he is kind to his direct mentions and messages that can receive. It sends tweets customized to certain users. It does not make promotion behaved shamelessly of his products or services. The social networks are very sensible to this type of activities and you will see quickly how people stop following it. Google calls graphical social to the scheme of mentions, links in Facebook, retweets, etc. that a site generates. Google has learned that the popularity in the social networks reflects the authority of website or marks. The motor of searches knows that often, webmasters buys connections they only interchange or them to the effect to favor its Pagerank. But still it is impossible to manipulate the mentions in the social networks, for this reason Google has been seen in the necessity to develop a system of measurement of the resonance of a Web. They are the same social networks those that limit the Spam, since their members are not interested directly in which makes promotion in its small community. Consequently, links " sociales" they reflect of more authentic form the concept than the users have of a Web site. We are being present at, without doubts, the birth of new " cathedral social" that it contemplates the specific weight that website has in the different communities online, and looks for to work in the authority before in the Pagerank. It can place this post in his site, as long as it mentions like source to Source: Note of Press sent by VPA.