Pedagogical Site

The educator must have the position to be teaching a tool important in the life of its pupils as well as it is also the writing. With this the introduction computer science for people who already possess important papers in the citizenship, becomes of extreme importance. To carry through the programming of a Pedagogical Site will have the purpose to bring a new option of entertainment and infantile learning that does not have enclosed violence and inapropriados contents, as well as in accordance with educating the age of the users, together with the support of the parents, searching to awake the infantile interest for questions of social, moral and professional order. Moreover, it is important the digital inclusion and the introduction of technological tools in the daily one of the people so that these if make familiar inside to the technology of the routine, what it will bring greater easiness. It is understood that the project, does not have intention to disqualify or to take off of pedagogical use methods that already are used for education, but has intention to include an efficient tool for this alfabetizao, also assisting in familiarization and education of a tool that is in all the areas of our life as education, entertainment, work among others. Computer science also comes with advantages that tend to attract the attention of its users, as the interface of the educational programs, who bring colorful figures and that they call the attention, as well as the books, that also bring these images leaving the reading most interesting and aid in the imagination, with the advantage that this method can be interactive, this are can make with that the child can intervene with the results leaving beyond the imagination to flow the perception of the result of its participation, being given greater participation and allowing that the tested knowledge either.