New Flu Virus

Russia has identified the first case of influenza virus A/H1N1. Russia to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, while the U.S. does not get it done. In Moscow, again protesting against incinerators. Investigation of Lake Baikal to resume in June. In Seoul passed the summit of major world cities to global warming. Global warming is accompanied by a temporary cooling. The singing of birds depend on climate change. Festivities of the week: Day of the Volga, International Day for Biological Diversity and the International Day of reserves. Photofact week: Monsters, who live near us and the dirtiest river in the world. Overview of events for the week of 18/05/2009 to 24/05/2009. Russia has identified the first case influenza A/H1N1 virus last week officially confirmed first case 'flu' in Russia – a teacher at New York University was identified influenza A/H1N1, better known as the 'swine flu'. Russian Health Ministry also confirmed that Russia has indeed recorded the first case of the so-called swine flu. However, hospitalization was promptly, avoiding emergency room, right in insulator, said ministry spokesman. Currently, the patient receives appropriate treatment, and now feels fine. Those who have been in contact with the sick were placed under observation. Meanwhile, the number of infected with influenza virus A/H1N1 in the world has exceeded 11 thousand people in 42 countries, of which 86 cases were fatal. Most cases – 5,764 – are registered in the U.S., of which 9 people died. In Mexico, the laboratory 3892 confirmed cases, including fatalities – 75.