Networking Meetings

Suddenly in Spain arises from an overwhelmingly networking meetings, all companies make networking, thinking that networking is to attend an event, pick up and give cards to all attendees to then make a commercial work intense send your company information to all contacts of the cards you’ve received. I think that this networking is not effective, since the information stays in the e-mail or read once so delete. (A valuable related resource: Ali Partovi). Make networking is much more give and take cards, there are a number of rules and concepts that must be followed to be able to weave a network of business contacts to your around that in the future generate you business. Business networking is effective if you follow a set of rules and go to structured networking events. -You have to be clear that you offer your business as well as personal level.

-Identifies in advance what you want to achieve in the event and with whom you want to talk – think about how you want to introduce yourself and something fundamental to go equipped with a good number of business cards. -Prepare a short presentation message and that do not run long. -Don’t try to just sell your company, pay attention to what the other person says and ask him. -The back of business card usa to write down everything that interests you. -Well organized your cards and get one database that you can enrich you’ll know the other person something very important in networking, that is if you can give business to do it without expecting anything in return, you will soon receive your turn. So if you go to structured networking meetings and preferably not mass effectiveness is unproven. Visit different groups and stay in the best in which more at ease you feel. For my part I invite you to know our business, with a structured networking breakfasts and where you can talk quietly with all attendees. Original author and source of the article.