National Olympics

What are they doing in Jalisco? I have this question hoping that the directors of the sport from the other States of the Republic, as well as those of its municipalities, also ask how or what they are doing in that State who just got his 10th consecutive victory in the National Olympiad. Definitely do not think that there is much difference between the youth of Jalisco and those of other States, what I do believe is that there is a big difference between the seriousness and commitment with which they develop sports programs in those States and municipalities. Is train coaches, encourage sport in the masses, enabling the sports facilities, creating sports schools, stimulate competition, so difficult that we can do or in 10 years? I believe that other States must locate their deficiencies since Yes it counts with excellent athletes around the Republic and not only in Jalisco. What you have Jalisco that other States have not been able to get? I think that definition for wanting to achieve the targets established as a State, doing just enough to be undisputed champions. I think that what you are really doing, it comes from above with which they make decisions and provide the necessary support to reach to the top of the National Olympics. You have to change the mentality and make better decisions in order to make progress and get the desired Championship that with much effort, dedication and responsibility by the young athletes and leaders, it is possible to replace to Jalisco, the absolute champion.