March Managers

Recruitment Conciliat introduces modern remuneration systems (human resources) managers in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. An attractive remuneration that is and remains a key factor why decide highly qualified specialists and executives for companies and remain faithful to them. It is accordingly important for HR managers of companies that regularly to deal with the question: which developments and trends exist with regard to remuneration? And: how our remuneration system should be designed so that it corresponds with the corporate goals and we remain an attractive employer? Also two turn to these questions (after-work-) workshops, each organised the recruitment and management consultancy Conciliat on March 8 in Frankfurt and on March 15th in Dusseldorf, Germany from 17:30.

There rolling and the Conciliat compensation expert Klaus Scholbeck will explain of Conciliat Managing Director Alexander the present (personnel) managers, among other things, that there are trends in the area of remuneration; the Further, as companies with the help of benchmarks, so compensation comparisons, can develop a compensation system that meets the requirements of the labour market and reflect the corporate goals. Further details can be found at Michele Glaze, an internet resource. dings, then click here. Is also a central theme: How can the right balance between request – and market-driven installments on the one hand and on the other hand bonuses be found a subject that has gained in importance since the financial crisis. Also discussed is the small circle as a modern and competitive bonus system the attractiveness as an employer can increase especially when dealing with highly qualified specialists and managers find and bind. The participation of approximately 2.5-hour evening events is free of charge.. (Similarly see: charles koch).