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Documents convert to PDF/A, Berlin September 8, 2011. WebPDF, the SoftVision development GmbH has integrated the possibility within the framework of a new release of its software to convert documents to PDF/A and to validate their compliance. To do this, the company has the flagship product of callas software pdfPilot, integrated in his webPDF. Callas pdfPilot is based on the same PDF/A technology, has integrated into its Acrobat Adobe. webPDF users thus have the possibility to archive documents in an ISO certified format over the long term. webPDF by SoftVision is a platform-independent, centralized solution for creating and manipulating PDF documents in any form. The software allows you to convert 100 file formats to PDF-format and the digital signing of PDF documents.

With version 3, users can convert their documents in PDF/A format as well and thus long-term safe archive. Validation of documents, so the proof that they meet the standard, is also one of the Advanced Range of functions. The pdfPilot uses same validation procedure as the preflight function by callas software at Adobe for the use of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro is licensed. The conversion of documents and emails to PDF/A is becoming increasingly important. Our customers have asked for an option, long-term safe to store documents with PDF/A, to, for example, also legal standards”, explains Bernd Edwards, Managing Director of SoftVision. For this reason we have looked to us on the market for a suitable solution, which satisfies this requirement.” Find SoftVision eventually became at callas software. The Berlin software company provides a powerful product with its pdfPilot, when it comes to the conversion and validation of PDF/A documents. From the outset, we had the feeling that callas software for us is the right partner. The integration was due to the SDK library, which provides software to callas, smoothly.” This “Feeling” has been in day-to-day operations already confirmed: the callas library had the expected high quality, in addition we convinced above all the quick and qualified support in the support “, so Edwards concluded.