Jim Fox

You will feel energetic and protagonist of the situation and look for opportunities to be better. Results? Things will change because you are changing, because your actions are creating new proactive alternative. To the extent that want to get stuck in the other change or change something in your environment, you will suffer, because change has to come inside. If you do something different from what they were doing, you actually changed inevitably. And if you’re where you think it did everything from you to allow something to change and this has happened yet, maybe it’s time you raised the possibility of going in search of other places and employment options. Do not concentrate on the crisis and all that we already know, that will not help you.

Focus on possibilities, not what can not be done. If you keep talking and thinking about the crisis, short of energy to create new possibilities. So be careful with that. Stay on the lookout for your internal conversation and thoughts carefully chooses which ones stay and cancel those that do not support you. The solution is you will create yourself and not always mean that you leave your current job and take chances to take ownership. Or if it all depends.

Maybe you can take advantage of many of the benefits that gives you your current job while taking advantage of this “stability” to be undertaking a separate working step by step but keeping clear in your mind a particular purpose, or you may feel completely safe leap leaving your current job to fully dedicate yourself to your passion. In many cases, radical changes are very good results, ie very personal. Of course everything has its share of doubt and fear. The person who wants to succeed in life have to get used to this, to be handled between the uncertainties and be clear that there is a destination where you arrive, but that is the same way that reveals the wisdom of learning. It is the here and now, this moment the only possibility. If you develop and hold a plan, you will actually lead to any changes. So think and develop a strategic plan to undertake the job of your dreams. The plan must contain each of the steps you need to follow to achieve your goal. Once clarified the type of job you want, you will be “communicated” to your being as “recognition” in the opportunities arising from now on. Not only that occur randomly, but also those that generate it yourself from your conviction, decision and action. Taking these ideas clear priority for you can, among other things, notify your network to support and assist you in this new mission. Create yourself in your inner mood of “security.” Do not wait for a job, or anything external person “give you” that security. Take charge of your life, focus towards what you want to be, do and have, and put to work ensuring yourself your own way with every action you take. “My father always told me: find a job you like and do not have to work a day in your life.”