Jewish Kabbalah

Thus was born the acupuncture Of course, the history of this kind can not explain origin of some ancient knowledge, fragments of which have reached our time. Knowledge, not based on primitive accumulation of experience over many generations, and some secret sources, based on the most common knowledge about the structure of the universe and man's place in it. What is interesting, the most ancient surviving treatises refer to the even more ancient, which, in turn, were based on others previous to them. At the thousand- ways of Chinese culture have been periods when destroyed all written records of previous dynasties, and the only medical treatises managed to avoid this fate, since their value has never been questioned. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kai-Fu Lee. In fact, medical treatises – it almost is not the oldest extant. By the way Chinese mythology contains a mention of acupuncture is in respect of the first emperor, who, by analogy with the European myth of the Adams may be the first man.

Such is the historical depth of knowledge. And the content of this knowledge, they are more likely to be associated with the Jewish Kabbalah, or achievements of modern quantum physics. This knowledge is not have nothing to do with practicing "barefoot doctors" primitive methods of acupuncture. This knowledge has never been known to the public and transmitted only in select circle of doctors of Chinese emperors. to reply. These doctors should ensure longevity of the emperor and his high activity, particularly sexual.

The biggest mystery of these doctors had an impact on special points of keys in a carefully calculated time Legend has it that even the time of conception heir to the throne was calculated up to an hour. Time – is the key to understanding the intimate secrets of ancient medicine. Time – that's the basis for success in the treatment and prevention. Can a modern man get a doctor of Chinese emperor, who could cure him day and night? It was impossible before the advent of the computer program 'Imperial chronopuncture'. Now, thanks to modern techniques and technologies you able to carry out procedures independently at home. You do not need to master the technique of acupuncture. Instead of acupuncture needles used by an ordinary hen's egg, hard boiled. This 'tool' there is any home. An egg is an ideal source of thermal radiation spectrum required Just you need a computer and an Internet connection. You download the software module, it is installed, and after entering your personal data gives personalized program. Procedures necessary to achieve the desired effect, according to this method, you should be held regularly 2-3 times a week throughout the year. Such attention to his own person could allow only the Chinese emperor. That is how the twenty-first century medicine. It is based on the patient's personal data and ancient knowledge, which are now available to mainstream consumers by computer. Now, using the 'Imperial chronopuncture' you will be able to manage their own health, engage in prevention and treatment of insomnia, depression, diabetes, prostate diseases, prevention osteoporosis, increased libido and potency in men and women, the prevention of age-related changes, medical treatment, "carpal syndrome (a disease of programmers).