Jasmine Keller

RateTiger leads worldwide at the channels available online-London, June 15, 2009: RateTiger has the 400th interface to online travel agencies (OTA) successfully established. This was announced by today eRevMax, provider of successful channel management software, in London. Thus, RateTiger leads worldwide before all other providers of software for managing booking channels. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Code.org. Regardless of whether a provider uses different Internet addresses for the same offer, any online travel agency in the list of available booking platforms at RateTiger is performed only once. Hoteliers get this a meaningful overview of the actual number of available channels.

Given the growing importance of online sales and channel management, hoteliers need now flexible, technical solutions, which allow maximum business,’ UDAI Solanki, technical director of RateTiger, notes. We go to proactively on the provider of booking portals and support them with the integration our software. The integration uses both hotels and online travel agencies. Hoteliers can easier manage room rates and quotas, this in turn makes the booking portal for customers more attractive and improves the sales experience. Through this strategy we can offer today considerably more distribution channels management hoteliers than any of our competitors. “In the past year the twelve-person integration team has produced 150 new links to booking platforms.

By the end of 2009, the 500th connection should be so ambitious annual target. The channel management expert working closely in cooperation with a range of renowned providers of hotel technology, including property management systems (PMS), central reservation systems (CRS) and revenue management systems (RMS). Through the development of XML interfaces, the RateTiger technology is integrated into these systems. Thus the management of online channels directly from the PMS, CRS, or RMS available is users of these systems.