IP Astrology

On the influence of figures and numbers on a real life known long ago. Numerology deals with this – the ancient esoteric science of numbers. Ee often called the magic numbers, but in reality, this science is much closer to astrology than to magic. Numerology, like astrology helps determine the nature, natural gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and predict the future, open the most suitable time for decisions and actions. With the help of numerology you can partnerov choose – in business or marriage.

And what about computers? With a worldwide network? With virtual magic? What is the effect on human life of a virtual world? The bulk, fortunately, did almost nothing. Too many of them too little they live with the current speed of processors, without having to exert significant influence. However, there are numbers who live long enough and are directly linked specifically with you and to your computer. This is the address of your e-mail, and the number of icq, ip and other identifiers. And these numbers have on your life directly influence.

Constantly. Last esearch conducted in the U.S. for two years, unequivocally proved the existence of communication between the assigned you an ip address and a number of troubles in your life! Why ip (here – Internet Protocol address)? E-mail is mainly symbolic, nick and the same. icq – you can change at any time for yourself, based on general principles for determining unsuccessful numbers. The basis of numerology based on the following principle: all multi-digit numbers can be reduced to a single discharge (the prime numbers from 1 to 9), which correspond to certain occult characteristics that influence on human life.