Internet Explorer

Once upon a time there were 2 main browser'a it was Internet Explorer and a second Netscape Navigator. Check with Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. Since access to the Internet is booming, this software a huge number of branches, clones, and just opponents. In addition, browsers do not also remained in place. And gradually there was a situation where users can watch at this time. I decided to tell you about some of the most browsers. I hope this story will help you determine the choice browser'a. In addition, do not forget about the fact that all browser'y completely free and you can easily try all of them. Number 1.

The most popular and famous among fellow browser – Internet Explorer. I believe there is no secretion in the information that the developer of the browser IT firm. This browser has been ten years is the most popular among the rest. True, the popularity and he was unable to match the OS from the same company. The most important reason is the prevalence of the fact that Internet Explorer comes bundled with OSes. A user is generally not curious enough to try other browsers do not try.

In general, Internet Explorer is very slow and impractical. In addition, Internet Explorer, even now does not support all current web standards. Therefore, the majority of Internet resources IE renders not as it should be. By its very functional IE much inferior to the great majority of competing browser'ov. ly agree. Number 2. Mozilla Firefox, it is sunk into oblivion browser Netscape Navigator. Very entertaining browser. Resurrection has long disappeared Novigator Netscape. Netscape is Novigator the following browsers in speed display pages. Firefox is very stable thanks to excellent browser team of programmers. Mozilla privechaet to their users a very large number of extensions – plugins. By installing any of the extensions the user can greatly simplify your work online., this has its disadvantages. Retrofitting of a sufficient number of add-ons, people will see a large decrease in page rendering speed of the browser. Number 3. Opera – the constant persecutor of Mozilla. Great browser, rendering speed is much greater than that in Mozilla, and even more so in Internet Explorer. This browser has a very elegant appearance. Perfectly set up and easy to use interface. There are so many plugins. But still he did not and now the first place. Why? Easy to answer. Since the plug is small, nothing too remarkable a stripped-down functionality for a knowledgeable computer user. Opera has compete with Internet Explorer, which comes with the OS. Overall, an excellent browser. 4. Google Chrome is a very powerful newcomer! Beautiful browser! Like everyone else, which makes the company Google. Google Chrome has the highest rate among all browser'ov. Possibly install a large number of convenient and essential plug-ins. Conveniently integrated with the Google PC. It supports almost all standards. Has a functional minimalist design. The user can forget about all the toolbars on the screen. Very comfortable System tab. In addition, the appearance of browser'a can be modified at the touch! Now Google Chrome is located on the fourth place. So poor indicator because this browser created quite recently. Without a doubt, the Chrome will be very near the famous browser!