Internal Reserves

Wandering through the internet, as well as talking with different people, very often sound the same complaint: 'To live is becoming harder and harder to price rises, profits fall ' Personally, I feel uncomfortable in such situations. 'Why do you does not change anything in your life? '- I asked with concern in his voice. Enviable timing responses is striking: 'In order to change something needs money, and them, and so lacking. " Then I start asking questions about existing internal reserves. The first few minutes, the sides usually do not understand, what is at stake.

Then you have to enumerate, in clear text: – Do you have a computer. – Access to the Internet. – You know how to find and use information on the Internet. – You have a Daily 2.3 hours hovering in the popular network. – Do you have a university degree, and possibly more than one, then you have the ability to learn. – And most importantly – you have a desire to become financially-independent! 'Yes, it is', "agrees my interlocutors.

'But how is it used? " And here I usually enthusiastically talk about the exciting new programs that help in building your online business. Talking about advantages and disadvantages of such programs. Analyzing the level and the potential that I know of systems. Some, it ignites, many – stops. 'I've heard that many programs do not yield the expected results, but he did not try none of them '. 'Yes, I know. A neighbor of my distant relative began a business. So it was deceived '' But the director of one large company has invested money in this type of business and lost everything 'With that, none of the respondents did not wasted / invested their personal savings, are all familiar with the internet connection business solely on hearsay. Maybe people stopped mintalitet folded over the years, perhaps – the fear of losing the latter, perhaps even the expectation of a miracle does not gives the act. But each of us sitting in front of the monitor a couple of hours a day and not all use it for their own enrichment. Four months ago, I accidentally met an interesting girl, again, thanks to the Internet. The girl was educated and quite adequate interlocutor. She paints talked about his idea to open his own restaurant, full copyright zadumok and focused on a family holiday. The idea seemed very unusual and interesting. Business plan was almost ready, sources of financing almost agreed, the construction of the building for a restaurant almost started. I sincerely believed in the success of this project and shared throughout possible information on this topic. The girl excitedly told me about opening up opportunities for her self and the future prospects of the project. Then my virtual friend fell ill, then something else, then winter cold, then spring depression, then cold, death of his beloved dog And then I found her, regularly playing at some silly computer game. The restaurant is still in draft stage. When you ocherenoy times turn on your computer and for a long time sat in a comfortable chair, think about what you do. What you spend your time stolen from family, friends and himself. Is this what you are missing? Maybe it's time Still isytat himself in this controversial Internet Business?