Initial Setup

So, you are the owner of a new friend – the computer. Where to start? To begin with we shall understand with the operating system. Operating System – software suite, organizing the work of a computer's hardware, loading and execution of applications, the interaction (interface) the computer user. Steven Johnson is the source for more interesting facts. That is, simply put – it is something without which the computer will be just a box with scrap metal. Now stores offer assembled computer (Ie, the equipment remains unchanged and the operating system in the future os is preinstalled.) But no one deprive you the possibility to collect it in the catalog in the same store, but with the parameters that will suit you. But in this case, you will be provided and the choice of os.

What are the existing os? The most common is the os family of Windows (windows 98, 2000, xp, Vista, windows 7). But there are different versions such as Windows xp home edition and xp professional. The main and most important for the user difference – the price. For home computers is recommended to use the cheaper versions of Windows, eg Windows xp home edition, Windows Vista Starter and Windows 7 Starter (either version home PREMIUM). The choice is limited only means that you want to spend on the os. So, you've got computer, operating system and a set of software needed.

If the os is preinstalled, you first need to install it. Because os sort of foundation. How to install a particular operating system you can find in the documentation that came Installation cd (installation CD).